The World's Story 2: The Middle Ages (Teacher Guide)

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World’s Story 2 guides students in a trip around the world as they study history from the fall of Rome to the Renaissance. Throughout the course, students will see God’s guiding hand through history. They’ll also meet historical figures that range from St. Patrick to Charles Martel to Genghis Khan to Martin Luther, and many more. Students will also study medieval civilizations spanning the whole globe, including the Byzantines, Anglo-Saxons, Muslims, Chinese, Japanese, Mongols, Mughals, Vikings, Normans, Russians, Songhai, and Aztecs!

This curriculum has two parts: the student book and this teacher guide. Students will cover 28 chapters, 5 artist studies, and 4 reviews in this year-long history course for grades 6–8. Each chapter is arranged so that there are six days’ worth of work per chapter, though the course is completed on a normal five-day school schedule. The activity pages are an assortment of areas to write/draw/copy. There are also timeline prompts for each chapter, hands-on projects, written narration prompts, and several optional craft ideas.

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