The World's Story 3: The Modern Age


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For Ages 11-13

Students will study the Age of Explorers through the modern day and learn all about the wars, revolutions, and culture changes that defined these times.

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Title The World's Story 3: The Modern Age
Subtitle The Explorers Through the Present Day
Series The World's Story
Volume in Series 3
ISBN 13 9781683440963
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Binding Paperback
Page Count 360
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

This thrilling history book teaches students about the growth of our world, from the first explorers to today’s modernized world. Set sail with Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, and others as you follow this story-based approach on your journey to modern times, visiting the sites of major wars and revolutions and tracing the rise and fall of various nations.

Volume 3 in this series for junior high students includes:

  • A conversational narrative that brings the modern age to life
  • Gorgeous photographs, artwork, and maps that help students visualize people, places, and events
  • Educational features that dig deeper into combating post-modern thinking with biblical authority

In exploring this course, students will see how God used people to expand and advance our world. They will learn about the discovery of new lands, the development of new technology, and the constant cultural struggle among people of all ethnicities. They’ll also study how modernization has radically changed politics, economies, cultures, societies, and worldviews all around the globe!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. The Age of Exploration
  • 2. Colonization and Empires
  • 3. England During the Era of Exploration
  • 4. East Meets West
  • 5. The Enlightenment — An Overview
  • 6. The Enlightenment — A Closer Look
  • 7. 18th- and 19th-Century Russia
  • 8. England vs France
  • 9. French Revolution
  • 10. Napoleon
  • 11. Spanish Empire Collapsing
  • 12. 19th Century Empire Building
  • 13. Japan/Perry
  • 14. Victorian Era and Darwin
  • 15. Europe in the Late 1800s
  • 16. Entering the 20th Century
  • 17. The Assassination that Started a War
  • 18. The War to End All Wars
  • 19. Treaties of WW1 and the Aftermath
  • 20. Shaky Times in the World
  • 21. The World at War Again, Part 1
  • 22. World War II, Part 2
  • 23. The Cold War — Effect on Europe & Asia
  • 24. China
  • 25. Independence from Colonialism
  • 26. The Middle East & the Battle for Israel
  • 27. One Century Ends & A New One Begins
  • 28. Huge World Culture Changes
  • Bibliography
  • Index
We love it!
Review by Mary
We absolutely love Angela O'dell's history curriculum! It's from a biblical perspective and it's not a boring textbook.
Review by Donna
Our favorite series
Loved this book that puts together world history with a Biblical focus
Review by Kala
We used this book for 6th grade level history and it was fantastic! The teacher guide had excellent activity pages to reinforce the reading content from the student book.
Very thorough
Review by Monica
As with the other books in the series, I loved reading along with my son. There is so much included in this series that I was not taught growing up. One of our favorite sections is the part where it tells you what is going on in the United States at the same time as what is happening elsewhere in the world. It really helps to put the whole picture together.
Review by Kam
Each level of The World's Story is absolutely beautiful...beautifully written and pictured. We love anything by Angel O'dell and could not be happier with MB history.
Review by JennyMac
This is an excellent history curriculum. The chapters are visually appealing, and rich in information. This could certainly be used just as a history read-aloud book, but when followed up with the work in the teacher's guide, it is a firm history foundation. I didn't do parts 1 and 2 with my kids, but Angela tries to catch us up by referencing/recalling certain things that were covered in those texts. Mrs. O'Dell does such a great job with history and making it engaging for the students.
Great Series, Found Mistake
Review by Sandi
We are nearing the end of this entire series. Our daughter has really enjoyed it. I asked her to write about her favorite story from this last book, and she chose to write about Corrie Ten Boom. My husband is Dutch, and as a family we were able to visit The Netherlands three years ago. We, of course, visited the Corrie Ten Boom house. The book states that Corrie’s house was/is in Amsterdam, but it’s actually located in Haarlem. We also noticed Corrie Ten Boom’s name is written with a small “t” when the Dutch capitalize it. Of course, out of the entire book, this is the only thing that jumped out at us. We are going to miss this series and wish the author would do one for High Schoolers.
Beautifully written
Review by Ashley
Coming to the end of the 3rd book now, and have loved all 3 of the texts. This is my favorite part of the curriculum. In order to help him focus, I read the text to my son. I have thoroughly enjoyed all 3 books, and learned a lot myself!
Son loved it
Review by Sara
My son loved reading this he did know a lot about things already but I just had him do more research and find things he didn’t know
Great history book
Review by Courtney
This is a great book! My son enjoys it and actually enjoys learning about history. It is easy for me to follow along with him as well.

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