What is Creation Science? (The Henry Morris Signature Collection - Download)

What is Creation Science? (The Henry Morris Signature Collection - Download)


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The creation/evolution issue permeates every field of academic study and every aspect of life. Everyone is affected and everyone should know the facts.

  • Presents the scientific evidence for both creation and evolution, leaving out any religious or philosophical arguments
  • Reveals Creation Science as a perfectly valid area of scientific study
  • Reviewers of What is Creation Science? have reported a complete change of mindset after reading this powerful text
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Title What is Creation Science? (The Henry Morris Signature Collection - Download)
Series Henry Morris Signature Collection
Contributors Dr. Gary Parker, Dr. Henry Morris
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC


  • Uncover evidences of Creation in living systems
  • Unravel the questions of Creation and the laws of science
  • Understand the vanishing case for evolution science

Many Christians are not aware that many legitimate scientists embrace the Genesis explanation of origins. In What is Creation Science?, two of the most respected members of that group have given us the benefit of their knowledge.

The book itself, though technical in places, is remarkably clear, and its focus is on a fair dialogue of the issues. So much so that many thousands of readers have taken to heart Dr. Parker’s challenge, to “Think About It!”

The creation/evolution question is not an issue that concerns only biologists on the one hand and religious people on the other. In one way or another, the issue permeates every field of academic study and every aspect of national life. It deals with two opposing basic worldviews — two philosophies of origins and destinies, of life and meaning. Consequently, it is (or should be) of special concern to everyone.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Part I — Evolution: Science or Faith — Henry M. Morris
    • 1. The Vanishing Case for Evolution Science
  • Part II — The Life Sciences — Gary E. Parker
    • 2. Evidence of Creation in Living Systems
    • 3. Darwin and the Nature of Biologic Change
    • 4. The Fossil Evidence
  • Part III — The Physical Sciences — Henry M. Morris
    • 5. Creation and the Laws of Science
    • 6. Catastrophism in Geology
    • 7. How and When Did the World Begin?
  • Appendices
    • A. Questions and Criticisms
    • B. Literature Cited
  • About the Authors
A Firm Foundation for Creation Science Studies
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
Whether you're looking for a fantastic resource for teaching your students or just looking to learn a little more about the world God created, this is a handy resource to have on your bookshelf. What is Creation Science? Does a lovely job of laying a solid foundation based on the Word of God and giving every Christian a reason for the hope within so they might give an answer to all who ask.
5 Stars
Review by JW
I would recommend this book for a better understanding of Creation Science and what it means.

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