When Mothers Touch Heaven

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This inspirational anthology tells of the strong, tenacious devotion of the mother for the child. These true stories focus on the importune prayers of mothers through sickness and health, broken hearts and lifted spirits, and death and life to reveal the undying love between mother and child. Isn’t it true that God just seems to have a special regard for the intercessory prayers of a mother? Many of these stories reflect the lives of great women and men of God that have been molded through the requests of a praying mother. Quotations and poetry entwine the narratives in a hardcover gift format that will energize and encourage mothers everywhere. It is no secret that the hand of God can respond in awesome ways when mothers touch heaven. Joy Haney is a pastor’s wife, mother of five, and grandmother of seven who plays piano and organ and sings in her church choir. Her home is in Stockton, California, but she travels extensively worldwide speaking at retreats and prayer conferences. Somewhere in all of this, she has found the time to author 43 books, all on Christian topics.