When You Ask Why (Download)

When You Ask Why (Download)


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People of faith struggle to reconcile the concept of a loving God and human suffering. The darkness that accompanies emotional pain often results in a wavering trust in God. Author Daniel E. Johnson offers hope to the hurting by opening the doors to his own journey in When You Ask Why. Walk through the pages with him to find hope, comfort, and peace in God’s unfailing love once again.

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Title When You Ask Why (Digital Download)
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Human nature seems to demand that we seek to make sense of the meaning and purpose of events in our lives. And there is no greater struggle than trying to understand the pain and suffering that we and others we love often endure.

People of faith also struggle to reconcile the concept of a loving God and the reality of suffering. Despite the hope we are given, there is still despair and questions, such as:

  • Why did God let this happen?
  • Why can't I find peace in my heart?
  • What does all this really mean in my understanding of God?

Daniel E. Johnson opens a door on the suffering in his own life and how he has drawn meaning and hope from these painful journeys, providing a path for others lost in the darkness and hopelessness of doubt to discover comfort and peace in God's unfailing love.

When You Ask Why is succinct, well-written, direct, helpful, and encouraging. It touches your heart in its simplicity.” Zig Ziglar

Deeply heartfelt and thought provoking
Review by Dustie
This book is unique in that it does not dismiss that bad things happen, even in the lives of God’s beloved children. We live in a fallen world, and therefore are not exempt from pain and suffering. When things seem unfair, too painful, or even impossible to bear, we ask why it is happening. The author addresses these events in our lives in a way that does not sugar coat the reality of the pain, but it points us back to the One in whom our hope lies.
“There is a reason for everything, though many of the reasons are not disclosed.” The author points out that there are times we will never get any answer as to why something has happened in our lives. The root of it lies in the fact that we live in a fallen world. This book provokes the mind of the reader to consider that no matter what is going on in our lives, God is good, all-knowing, trustworthy, and loving. He is able to use all things for good (Rom. 8:28).
I highly recommend this book. I read the whole thing in one afternoon, but the message will stick in my heart and mind much longer.

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