When You See A Star (Download)

When You See A Star (Download)


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With this engaging book of rhyme, your little learners will exploring God’s amazing creation of the night sky. The full color board book also teaches your little ones about the star the wise men followed to find Jesus in the manger. Parents love sharing the prayer at the end.

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When You See A Star

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Title When You See A Star (Download)
Contributors Becki Dudley
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

With vibrant colors and delightful images on every page, When You See a Star directs your young child’s attention to the wonder of our night sky and our Creator. Author Becki Dudley masterfully uses rhyme to both educate and captivate.

When You See a Star is so much more than a sweet story to entertain your child. Packed into this little book, you will find an introduction to astronomy for preschool students and beginning readers. Woven into the story of twinkling stars, comets, meteors and the moon, Mrs. Dudley reveals Jesus and offers a short prayer of salvation to lead your young one in receiving Jesus as their Savior.

For parents and teachers, a special bonus text written by Dr. Danny Faulkner explains the biblical history of stars.

So precious
Review by Tabitha
Such a sweet story with beautiful illustrations. Perfect bedtime story for your little one.
A special message
Review by Laura
Sweet & catchy rhymes about the heavens above leads to a story of one special star. It is a wonderful bedtime story that will leave your little one(s) knowing that they are loved by God.
Biblically-centered and Beautifully Illustrated
Review by Theresa
This is a cute, biblically-centered, rhyming book about how God made the stars, moon, comets, and meteors, and then focusing on the special Bethlehem Star announcing Jesus’ birth. It ends with a prayer of thanksgiving and repentance to God, who loves us. The illustrations are my favorite part—artsy and whimsical. It would make a perfect bedtime story for toddlers.
4 yr old loves it!
Review by Amy
This book is cute! It is easy to read and the pictues are bright and engaging. My daughter loves it.
My kiddos loved it
Review by JW
This is a quick read, but the message was clear, it's all about Jesus. My 3 year old and 7 year old both love the book.
A beautiful, accessible and Godly introduction to the world of astronomy!
Review by Laurel
This book is ADORABLE. The illustrations are lovely, and the text includes beautiful imagery. I love the "tag-along tails" and other choices of descriptions that grab and hold kiddos' attention. And I love the supplemental information at the end that describes the purpose of the heavenly bodies. This one is a hit with my kids! I'm going to love adding this to our homeschool science collection!
A Beautiful Picture Book
Review by Cristina, A HomeschoolMom
Your family will love this simple, easy to read, picture book sharing the beauty of God's creation.

Young readers will have little difficulty reading this book for themselves. Parents will appreciate the "The Purpose of the Heavenly Bodies" pages at the end, which help launch family conversations and encourage a deeper study of God's Word.

A perfect bedtime read!
Great conversation starter!
Review by Emily V.
My 9yo loved reading this book to our younger kids! It was easy to follow, is filled with beautiful illustrations, and has a very good addition at the end with more information for older kids or adults.

My one drawback was the formatting for kindle is a bit off. Some of the words for the story are part of the illustration making it difficult for a kid to know immediately how to piece it all together. I’m not sure if it’s the same issue with PDF or hard copy but it was a downside for us. Overall we would still recommend it! This story led to us having an amazing conversation about the solar system including researching orreries. Terrific addition to our homeschool collection!

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