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The Wonders of the Human Body Series Volume One examines the systems of the body revealing both how they have been designed by the Master Creator and how they function. Master Books includes this as the student text in Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology Volume One, a homeschool science curriculum for high school students. Beautiful full-color images bring to life the study of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Wonders of the Human Body Vol. 1
Subtitle The Musculoskeletal System | The Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems | The Nervous System
Series Wonders of the Human Body
Volume in Series 1
ISBN 13 9781683442776
Contributors Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, Dr. Tommy Mitchell
Binding Paperback
Page Count 324
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

High school students discover more of God’s awe-inspiring work in the Wonders of the Human Body Volume 1. Drs. Tommy and Elizabeth Mitchell, both Vanderbilt educated medical doctors, creationists, and homeschoolers, wrote this series together to reveal the wonder of God and the authority of His written word.

Wonders of the Human Body Volume 1 uses engaging text and beautiful images to help high school students explore the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems. Students will also discover the problems that occur when our bodies are damaged by disease or injury.

Topics covered in this text help students:

  • Learn the incredible design of the human heart and how it is really two pumps in one
  • Identify how blood moves through an incredible network of arteries and veins
  • Investigate what “blood pressure” is and the marvelous systems that help regulate it
  • Explore how the respiratory system allows us to get the “bad air out” and the “good air in”
  • Review the ins and outs of the bones in your skeleton and how they function
  • Discover details as to how your marvelous muscles move you

Master Books includes the Wonders of the Human Body Volume 1 as the student text in Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology Volume One, a homeschool science curriculum for high school students.

Table of Contents

  • Unit 1: The Musculoskeletal System
  • Foundations
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Cells
    • 3. Tissues
    • 4. Organs & Organ Systems
    • 5. Homeostasis
  • The Skeletal System
    • 1. Functions of the Skeletal System
    • 2. Bones
    • 3. The Skeleton
  • The Muscular System
    • 1. Muscle Basics
    • 2. Muscles...How They Move Me!
  • Unit 2: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
  • The Cardiovascular System
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. The Heart
    • 3. Two Kinds of Hearts
    • 4. Blood Vessels
    • 5. Physiology of Circulation
    • 6. The Circulatory System
  • The Respiratory System
    • 1. Breathing—No Big Deal?
    • 2. How We Breathe
    • 3. Is This "Design" Just an Accident?
  • Unit 3: The Nervous System
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Structure of Nervous Tissue
    • 3. Nerve Signals
    • 4. The Central Nervous System
    • 5. The Peripheral Nervous System
    • 6. Special Sneses
    • 7. The Gospel
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • About the Author
A Great High School Course
Review by Virginia
The Wonders of the Human Body Vol 1 is a great high school course and introduction to the study of human anatomy and physiology. This volume is split into three units. Unit one includes and introduction and covers cells, tissues, organs, organ systems and homeostasis as well as the skeletal and muscle systems. Unit two covers the cardiovascular system, and respiratory systems. Unit three covers the nervous system and includes a short chapter on the Gospel, which points everything back to Christ. The pictures and diagrams are incredibly colorful which is fantastic for visual learners. The "Designed by the Master" info boxes are interesting tidbits that point the reader to our Creator. This course is based on a solid biblical creationist worldview and is a wonderful addition to any homeschool library. I look forward to using this to teach my kids.
Review by Abbie
This colorful book is great! I loved the pictures and descriptions. My children love the book and how it lays out the information on the body.

Excellent resource.
Fabulous Anatomy & Physiology Course
Review by Lacee
Wonder's of the Human Body Volume 1 covers the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular & the respiratory systems, and the nervous system. This revised edition (originally individual books with the first two sections geared towards one year for Jr. High, and the third section and first section of Vol 2 being the second year) was amazingly done. This Volume is a one year High School curriculum along with the Teacher's Guide. The pictures are amazing throughout the entire book. The explanations alongside the pictures are incredible. The author uses a conversational tone that helps the reader to truly understand the material. I appreciate how well the information is presented. My two younger (PreK and 1st grade) kids enjoy looking at the pictures and I am able to use the text and adapt it to explain to them what they are seeing with the pictures. I obviously wouldn't recommend this for kids that young, but they still like looking at the pictures and getting a brief exposure to the topic. This is definitely a course I would recommend for your High School students.
A Great Introduction to the Human Body
Review by Becky V.
Wonders of the Human Body Volume 1 is the first part of the high school level Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology which covers the units of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and the nervous system.

— Not common in textbooks today, so it is greatly appreciated that you are consistently pointed back to Scripture and God as Creator in every topic studied. And even bigger - the Gospel is presented at the very end of the book.

— The images and graphics are absolutely gorgeous & are a great aid in understanding the text. This textbook is perfect for the visual learner.

— The text is written in a simple language that easily understandable, yet goes into enough depth to get a detailed understanding of every subject discussed.

— My favorite: any text found in a green, gray, or light blue box (depending on which system you are studying)! These include tips, Designed by the Master, and other interesting facts, all related the topic being studied to the world around us and God’s intricate design.

This is a great course for anyone looking for an introduction to anatomy and physiology that points to God as Creator.
We are not here by accident
Review by Laurie
This course shows God’s amazing design of the human body.

The colorful pictures and beautiful illustrations that are throughout each and every chapter give helpful visualization to the lessons.

My favorite part of this course has to be the special section of each chapter called So Simple Yet So Complex. It dives into specific working parts of the body like how the heart pumps blood, programmed cell death, the human voice, and more.

The days are set up as 2 days per chapter
Day 1 is reading Day 2 is answering definitions, 10 fill in the blanks, and filling in a model. Which was a bit much for my daughter. She would have enjoyed the course a little more if it was set up differently. We plan to continue the series volume 2 but adjust the course.
Think of this as an owner’s manual to your body!
Review by Kathleen
Covers: The Musculoskeletal System, The Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems, and the Nervous System
My son is very visual, so the vibrant pictures helped him to ‘see’ all the parts of his body that this book describes. We loved the ‘Designed by the Master’ part of every lesson. That section explains how and why God created that part of the body.
I highly recommend this book to learn about the workings of your body.

True Christian Anatomy and Physiology curriculum
Review by Yulia
Wonders of the Human Body Volume 1 is a science curriculum meant for High schoolers to study physiology and anatomy. I like the style it is written in. The author was able to explain pretty complex topics in the easy to understand language. The book is engaging and very educational. I also love how many facts are added to teach the creationism and disprove evolution. This is a true Christian science textbook full of wonderful pictures and great information. The pictures are great for visual learners. Highly recommend it!
Wonderful Intro to Anatomy & Physiology
Review by Crystal
Wonders of the Human Body Volume 2 is a highly engaging introduction to anatomy and physiology. There are full-color pages and diagrams on every page, helping to make the concepts clear to both auditory and visual learners. I found the text to be both easy to read and interesting, as it instructs the student while maintaining wonder at God’s creation. Written in a conversational tone, it is both appropriate as a read aloud to different age levels, or independently by the student.

The “Designed by the Master,” info boxes are my favorite. You’ll find several in each lesson, and they detail a special purpose or design for what you’re learning about. They also will openly present the evolutionary perspective, yet teach the creationist truth. I love how apologetics is so seamlessly woven into this curriculum.
great for High School
Review by Ashley
Wonders of the Human Body Vol. 1
This textbook is a great book for older students in high school, and possibly in late middle school. The pictures in it are very colorful and detailed but also life like. This book covers The Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular Respiratory, and Nervous Systems. This is in 3 units. It also has a Glossary and Index at the back of the book. Throughout the book, there are little sections that are labeled So Simple yet So Complex. There are also charts that tell the reader Body System and which organ that system comes uses, pictures with labels, but what is so cool is the details that are in those pictures. They are so life like. It is as if you are looking at the inside of a human body down to the cells in a microscope.
I received this book for my honest option.
The perfect H.S. anatomy course!
Review by Sara
What an amazing book! It is so full of BEAUTIFUL pictures I found myself stopping to read all sort of sections without my child just based on the pictures alone. My child has used a MB health course which lightly touches on these topics without being too overwhelming, so I am very excited that we will be able to go more in-depth now that she is older. This is the perfect book for that!

Most chapters have a ‘designed by the master’ section in which they break down a complex idea or topic bringing it all into prospective which I really enjoy. I also love the glossary in the back, so we can always look up words we may have forgotten or need better clarification without needing to access the internet where we may not know what we will encounter.

This book is amazing in itself with just the information, pictures and the fact that it has a solid biblical worldview. The final chapter is on the gospel which just ends the course so well. How can we learn about the amazing things of the body, without knowing its creator?

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