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For Grade Level 9-12

A high school study of world literature from various cultures, such as Egyptian, Jewish, Greek, and Roman, to Church history and the modern age. With this rich curriculum, your homeschool student will amply develop their critical thinking abilities, communication skills, and knowledge of literary classics– learning from a strong biblical worldview! Provides thorough college-prep coverage of literature and literary analysis.

What’s Included

1 x World Literature (Teacher Guide)
1 x World Literature (Student Book)
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Manufacturer Master Books
Title World Literature Set
ISBN 13 9780890517765
Series Stobaugh Literature
Contributors James Stobaugh
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 4.7

Your student will enjoy a great selection of world literature in this powerful curriculum designed with critical thinking skills and biblical worldview. Students will study beloved classics while developing vocabulary, reading, and critical thinking skills.

A well-crafted presentation of whole-book or whole-work selections from the major genres of classic literature (prose, poetry, and drama), this course has 34 chapters representing 34 weeks of study, with an overview of narrative background material on the writers, their historical settings, and worldview.

The rich curriculum’s content is infused with critical thinking skills, and an easy-to-use teacher’s guide outlines student objectives with each chapter and provides a course calendar and the answers to the assignments and weekly exercises. Each chapter has five lessons with daily concept-building exercises, warm-up questions, and guided readings The final lesson of the week includes the weekly exam, as well as essays developed through the course of that week’s study, chosen by the educator and student to personalize the coursework for the individual learner.

Part of a series of 1-year, high school-level literature courses, this curriculum can be taught independently of the series or in sequence with author James Stobaugh’s other literature classes. It is also designed to work in conjunction with Stobaugh’s high school history curriculum and can be taught alongside his world history course.

Recommended for: Grades 9-12 / 1 Year / 1 Credit

Note to Parent: There are additional books and texts not included within the study that are needed for this course. It is strongly suggested that students read most, if not all these titles during the summer before taking this course. Most will be available at local libraries or as free downloads.

Hardly any teaching included
Review by Christie
This curriculum is absurd. It constantly refers to things it hasn't taught. It asks them to write essays about things not even touched on. The only assignments are brief little "concept builders," that are poorly explained, if they are explained, and essays. The teachers guide is a waste of money. It is a copy of the student book, with unexplained answers for the concept builders, essay ideas and "tests" (a single essay question). There is no additional teaching or guidance.
I don't want to have to do a ton of extra work and research to teach a class. I would just make my own curriculum if I had time for that.
Very much regret spending money on this.
Love It!
Review by Oksana
I really like the literature that this book incorporates for the studies it goes through. Very intelligent way of explaining literature at a deep level. Very interesting study that we can actually use for more than one child. Using it as a group study! Thanks Master Books!
Rich but intense
Review by Kay
Such a rich way to study world literature. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Felt like a lot of work and very challenging. Some of the books we watched videos and "cliff notes". Reading over the summer wasn't an option for us at the time and I think I would have had a mutiny if I forced it. Not as independent study as I thought it could be but her exposure to some of histories classics was excellent.
Not for the Faint of Heart
Review by RaisingGodsGIrls
THIS CURRICULUM IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR EVERYONE. I can tell you right now, it will not be a good fit for my younger two. We used this in conjunction with Stobaugh's World History curriculum. The reading was a struggle to get through for sure. My daughter is an AVID reader and VERY strong student in language arts. But the books were very intimidating to her. For some of them, we listened to the audio versions, which seemed to help. She actually ended up loving all but 1 book. This curriculum has made her think for herself. Too many curriculums out there basically tell kids what/how to think (in my opinion). This one does not. We started with World Literature/History (her choice). The beginning was a struggle, but she ended up loving it so much that she is actually really excited to complete Stobaugh's American Literature/History next year. I gave her the option to switch to something else, but she insisted. I believe she is a stronger critical thinker (which was something she lacked) because of this curriculum (in conjunction with the related history). It has also opened her eyes to see the worldviews of others both now and throughout time. In fact, sometimes after having a conversation with someone she tells me, "Mom, I think they have a ------- worldview because of _______. I love that she has found ways to define herself and her point of view, think for herself, and grasp a clearer understanding of the things around her. She is able to listen to others and not jump on them for their thoughts if they differ from hers. Instead, she can take a moment to understand where they are coming from, and then explain why she agrees or disagrees.
Good choice for an advanced learner
Review by Karen
This set has been a little challenging to get the hang of. It is not as user friendly as some other Masterbook's curriculums. I am glad my daughter and I put the time in to figure it out, she is really advancing her writing skills and her literature discussion skills.
Great curriculum
Review by Sonya
My daughter has really enjoyed this curriculum for her 11th grade year. It’s reading & comprehension but really makes you learn. She feels it has allowed her to expand her thinking.

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