Writing Strands: Teaching Companion (Download)

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Provides helpful guidance for anyone using the Writing Strands curriculum!

Teachers will find this an invaluable resource, not only for using the Writing Strands curriculum but also for teaching any course that includes writing and literature as a component. The Teaching Companion provides a helpful overview of the Writing Strands system, as well as additional information on a range of writing, grammar, and literature issues that a teacher may face at any level of the program.

  • Provides discussion of the most common difficulties that students encounter, as well as tips on how to help students overcome these challenges
  • Offers suggested goals and objectives for teaching literature, broken down by age range
  • Includes appendices with information on basic citation, advice on teaching vocabulary, commonly confused words, and glossaries of grammar and literary terms.

We highly recommend that teachers read the Teaching Companion before their students start the course and that they continue to consult it as needed as students learn additional concepts.

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